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Dear Alumni, Friends and Supporters of ASU:


I welcome each of you to this year's Founder's Day celebration. This year's theme, "A New Beginning on the Horizon" briefly, correctly and appropriately describes our current opportunistic circumstance. I trust you will embrace it, but more importantly, you will be a positive element of a new beginning.


It was a new beginning in 1903 when this great institution was founded by Dr. Joseph Winthrop Holley. "You Can't Build a Chimney From The Top" said our Founder. Logically and practically this is common sense. Today, since construction of the chimney, the question the University, independently and as a part of the University System of Georgia, and we as alumni, faculty/staff, students, friends and supporters must focus on is having another new beginning after 111 years of progress from the Albany Manual and Technical Institute (1903-1917); a second beginning as the Georgia Normal and Agricultural College (1917-1943); a third beginning in 1943 as Albany State College; and a fourth beginning in June 1996 with the granting of university status.


This new beginning is before us. Today, celebrate; commemorate; appreciate; and understand this institution's rich history. There were achievements that accompanied moving forward as well as the challenges, some were considered insurmountable. Tomorrow, reflect on the current and future challenges and obstacles for success to forge a new beginning but know that all is achievable with open dialogue, discussion, collaboration and active participation.


Don't narrow the reality of this great opportunity for a new beginning. I am elated and optimistic as we share with gratitude and humility all that Dr. Holley afforded us. Don't' disappoint his vision for future generations of students dependent on our ability to ensure a new beginning. Join in the positive influence a new beginning affords.




Joycia C. Ricks, President


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