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Dear Alumni, Friends and Supporters of ASU:

I welcome each of you to this year's Founder's Day celebration. This year's theme, "A New Beginning on the Horizon" briefly, correctly and appropriately describes our current opportunistic circumstance. I trust you will embrace it, but more importantly, you will be a positive element of a new beginning.

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6/18/2014 - 6/20/2014

Planning Conference-Atlanta, GA


9/26/2014 - 9/27/2014

Hall Of Fame Induction Weekend



Convocation And Alumni Luncheon



Fountain City Classic 2PM Columbus, GA



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The Mission of the Legal Defense Coalition is to prevent the demise of Georgia’ s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (State HBCUs), the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia must be forced by court mandate to elevate the State HBCUs to status equal to other universities by ceasing its discriminatory mismanagement practices of inequitable funding, disregarding the State HBCUs’ capital improvement needs, limiting and impeding the State HBCUs ’missions, needlessly duplicating programs to the detriment of the State HBCUs,failing to duplicate programs when needed by State HBCUs, and failing to establish professional, specialized and doctoral degree programs within the State HBCUs. To find out more about the LDC and donate towards the legal fund, click here:

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